Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stop Hating, Start Loving. Celebrate Differences, Celebrate Life.

I have been a victim of bullying, and it sucks. You go to school everyday with most of the people looking at you, whispering things that are probably not true.

They'd call you ugly. They'd call you a loser.
It hurts down to the core.

The worst thing about my case is that the guidance department did not do ANYTHING about it. And now, I'm suffering the consequences of it.
It haunts me.

Good thing there's an anti-bullying law right now in the Philippines. 
It is the Republic act 10627, also known as, "The Anti-Bullying Law of 2013". 
Our savior!

Before I left my high school, It's a good thing that they've conducted this school effort to have an anti-bullying campaign. I was a senior at this time.
There were series of competitions.
I joined the jingle making contest, and I won!
Beat that, bullies.

I believe that the anti-bullying campaign should not stop there. It should start with us and it should continue, 'til there's no bullied person left! 

I actually do believe that there should not even be a law about bullying. 
If student's are raised well, then they probably wouldn't be that heartless. But they aren't. Thus, the creation of this law.

I know I don't understand where these bullies are coming from, but bullying has to be stopped! Just like my song says, we must always "Stop Hating, Start Loving"

Celebrate differences, celebrate life. 

xoxo, Shekinah.

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